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Corporate Health

Physiotherapists and exercise physiologists from My Health Team in Redcliffe and Scarborough offer a number of specific corporate services to ensure workplaces are safe and healthy. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:


Workplace Injuries and Prevention

The experienced physiotherapists at My Health Team are trained to work with employees and employers in Brisbane and the surrounding areas to prevent workplace injuries and promote safer workplaces overall. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Ergonomic Program

Our office-based ergonomic program is designed to reduce soft tissue injuries in the workplace. Soft tissue injuries are responsible for common debilitating conditions like low back pain, neck pain and repetitive strain injuries to the wrist and elbow.  These injuries can keep office workers off the job for lengthy periods of time, and yet most of them are preventable.

The My Health Team’s one-hour interactive boardroom training session empowers workers to avoid soft tissue injuries on the job. It can be followed either by a 30-minute practical session with a group or a one-on-one session where the worker sits at their own desk with the supervisor or instructor to pass the module.

Workplace Theory and Practice Program

Workers who perform tasks that put repetitive stress or high force on the body are at a higher risk of injury. Our theory and practice program is a comprehensive one hour interactive theory session to educate workers on how to avoid injury.

Following that, there are one of two options offered.

  1. Group-based practical session where actual tasks are performed by the workers and our evaluators review them followed by an in-depth biomechanical analysis and instruction on optimal task performance.
  2. We offer as a follow-up a one-on-one task analysis with individual feedback, along with a specific core, leg and arm strength tests to determine the risk of injury. The exercise physiologist or physiotherapist will also give feedback on how to improve these areas.

Pre-Employment Screening

In companies where workers have a higher risk of injuries, many workers are screened prior to commencing their employment.

The My Health Team pre-employment medical and physical assessment is a comprehensive review of the worker’s functional capacity and medical status.

A 2006 study (Rosenblum and Shanker) showed that workers who are not screened are 2.38 times more likely to sustain a knee, back or shoulder injury compared to unscreened workers.

Our pre-employment screening includes functional screening (blood pressure check, height and weight measurement, cardiovascular fitness test, musculoskeletal examination, back injury risk assessment, balance assessment, and manual handling evaluation), and medical screening (vision test, hearing test, alcohol and drug test and spirometry test when required).

Return to Work Assessments

When a worker sustains an injury and is unable to complete their full duties due to pain or a functional deficit, the My Health Team rehabilitation and return to work specialist is often engaged. Our exercise physiologists and physiotherapists can help the worker return to full hours and duties faster by conducting a Worksite Assessment.  We review the tasks the worker must perform and the safest way to do them, and then offering a Suitable Duties Plan. In the latter, the specialist creates a plan to ensure the worker progresses in their duties safely.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Our exercise physiologist will complete a full functional evaluation in our fitness centre to determine what jobs the worker can do safely. This is often the safest and fastest way to pinpoint the worker’s capabilities and match them to the duties they are able to complete.

Healthy Eating for the Busy Worker

It has been estimated that the healthiest Australians are three times more productive at work than their colleagues. (Medibank Private (2005) The Health of Australia’s Workforce)

Our program “Healthy Eating for the Busy Worker” is a super interactive session that provides practical applications that can be taken home and implemented immediately.

We have amazingly simplified how to get your team to engage in healthy eating habits.

Exercise Programs

We offer an Onsite Fun Boot Cap as well as one-on-one personal training and fitness tests to your employees.


Physio Direct

What is it?

Pains and Injuries can impact your employee’s health, wellbeing, concentration and productivity at work. If these pains and injuries continue they can result in lost productivity, time off work and could develop into a Workers Compensation claim. All of which can be minimised and avoided through effective early intervention with My Health Team’s physio direct program.

Whether it is stiffness in the neck from computer work, a strain to the low back when lifting or pain in the shoulder from repetitive work tasks; early and effective management can prevent needless time off work or progression to a workers compensation claim.

The earlier your employees are seen and managed, the better the outcome.


How does it work?

My Health Team’s physio direct program is the best choice to manage your employees early through a structured program with:

  • A developed “referral signs” checklist with your human resources team that seamlessly integrates into your processes and systems, identifying when employees are in need of physio direct management.
  • The provision of up to 4 physiotherapy services, funded or subsidised by the employer, allowing for early intervention to take place at time of the pain and injury.
  • The 4 treatment sessions focus on empowerment and self-management through education, tailored occupational ergonomic advice and exercise prescription with a focus on the health benefits of staying at work.
  • Communication with employers to discuss any issues and proactive steps to prevent pains, niggles and injuries impacting time off work or business productivity.

Andrew Simpson, our director has 12 years of experience helping workers return to full duties in their pre injury job. Additionally, our physiotherapists encourage staying at work, or early return to work after an injury, as supported by the Australia and New Zealand consensus statement, “Realising the Health Benefits of Work”.

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