Welcome to My Health Team Physiotherapy

Welcome to the My Health Team physiotherapy clinic. We provide physiotherapy services to residents of Redcliffe, Scarborough and surrounding areas. We take a hands-on manual therapy approach to treating your injuries and restoring your movement. We are well known for accurately diagnosing and treating the underlying cause of your injury.

How we reduce your pain

With over 20 years of combined physiotherapy experience, we understand what your pain is like and most importantly we know how to help you. After a comprehensive clinical assessment of your pain, we will start the healing process straight away! That means applying our recommended techniques that will have you feeling better in no time.

Our hands-on promise to you

We will only use proven techniques and modalities that are modern, safe and most importantly work. We will advise you always on how your should respond to treatment particularly when it’s your first time with us.

Treatments we offer

Hands on manual therapy 

Dry needling (western acupuncture)

Soft tissue pain-relieving massage

Electrotherapy including laser therapy and ultrasound technology

Gentle and graded spinal manipulation

Fully tailored exercise programs aimed at returning you to pre-injury performance

Want to know more about your pain? Click on the body chart below where you feel your pain is coming from so you can inform yourself before coming to see us!