Exercise Physiology

Work Hardening Programs

People who sustain an injury at work often find it difficult to return to their pre-injury job straight away. This can be a tricky situation for the worker, the employer and the workers team members.  In many cases, a physical conditioning program  helps to bridge the gap between the workers current work fitness and where they were before the injury.

  • My Health Team uses a team approach to help the worker regain their functional condition through physiotherapy, exercise physiology and sometimes the involvement of a podiatrist.
  • The physiotherapist becomes involved in the rehabilitation as soon as possible following the injury to aid in the fast recovery of the injured tissue.
  • Following this initial treatment the exercise physiologist prescribes an individualised work hardening program to get the worker back to pre injury function.
  • The exercises prescribed are specific to the workers pre injury tasks and mimics these movements closely to achieve functional work outcomes.
  • These programs are delivered at the closest affiliated fitness centre to the worker between Kingscliffe and Caboolture.