Exercise Physiology

Kinetic Link Training

KLT is a full body functional training system that applies a systematic and balanced approach to train your muscles from your toes up to the tips of your fingers.

KLT is a resistance-based program like no other. There are no benches and no seats so every move you do involves not only your core but your entire body.

Have you ever wondered why the machines at the gym move your joints through 2 dimensions’? This isolates muscles, which is great if you’re a body builder, however if you want to build lean, functional strength we need to move our bodies in 3 dimensions. KLT uses each joint as it designed to move in everyday activities.  The movements involved in KLT also enriches your balance and coordination and is used by a vast range of people:

  • Athletes improving sport specific performance
  • Mums and dads wanting to lose weight - because KLT involves so many muscle groups, it is very efficient)
  • Post injury rehabilitation – KLT has injury specific programs to strengthen and rehabilitate the knees, lower back and shoulders. It’s also beneficial following ankle, hip and neck injuries.
  • Muscle and joint pains – often these pains are postural related, coming from muscle imbalances. KLT works by strengthening the weak muscles to balance your body