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Hi Mark and Andrew,

When my GP first referred me to My Health Team for physio I was sceptical. My previous experience with physiotherapy hadn't been great. I had previously been treated with ultra sound and another machine and then if lucky given massage but all from staff other than a qualified physiotherapist who spent only minutes with me while giving instructions to others.

I've always had faith in deep tissue or sports massage to heal my injuries regardless of the person's qualifications provided they had experience. But was somewhat cautious of their potential lack of medical knowledge.

Until Mark worked on my back,  I had no confidence in physiotherapists. Instead of leaving me with machines and unqualified staff, Mark provided a full half hour of intense hands on treatment that works. Instead of little or no change after several visits with other physios, I had immediate relief from pain and a dramatic  increase in movement after just one or two visits. And the exercises you gave me work really well (when I do them regularly).

Mark, when you stopped coming to my Drs surgery I was worried that I wouldn't find another physiotherapist as good as you. And when I hurt my back moving furniture I was nearly prepared to drive to the Gold Coast to find you. But you reassured me that you had hired a really good replacement for yourself.

And he's brilliant too! Nick uses the same awesome techniques as you and I still get a full half hour of intense hands on treatment. I even get acupuncture. And most importantly I get the same amazing results leaving me virtually pain free and walking normally after just one or two visits. When I first saw Nick I could barely walk straight, I couldn't bend down to put my shoes on, I couldn't get comfortable to sleep, I had limited movement, my lower back muscles were all tight and I had spasms of intense pain.  After one visit to Nick, my walk had straightened, my muscles were loosened, I could carefully bend to touch the floor and dress more easily, I slept better,  I had significantly more movement, I had very little pain and the spasms stopped.  After two visits I could lift my 2 year old nephew again.

The physiotherapists at My Health Team also have the best attitudes. Mark and Nick have both said they prefer to fix their clients injuries and ailments quickly so they have less pain and discomfort and less appointments because then they know they're doing their jobs.

Thank you Mark and Andrew for starting My Health Team.

Thank you Mark for being such an awesome physiotherapist. Thankyou for hiring Nick, who is also awesome. (I no longer need to follow you to the Gold Coast ). Thanks for treating my back all the times I hurt it in the last two years. Thanks for inviting me to improve my health with the My Health Team weight loss program next year. I appreciate how much you and the entire My Health Team genuinely care about the health and well being of your clients.

Thanks in advance to Nick for fixing my strained back, my plantar fasciitis and my dislocating knees.  Thanks for also being such an awesome physiotherapist and for caring about your clients well being.

Thanks Mark and Nick for giving me faith in physiotherapists.
Helen Jeffs

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