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Return to Work Assessments

Worksite visit

When a worker sustains an injury and is unable to complete their full duties due to a functional deficit or pain, a rehabilitation and return to work specialist is often engaged. My Health Team have exercise physiologists and physiotherapists that help the worker return to full hours and duties by:

Worksite Assessment: Return to work specialist visit the worker at the place of work and reviews all tasks, providing information on the safest way to complete the task.

Suitable Duties Plan: The specialist then creates a suitable duties plan to ensure the worker progresses their duties safely. The education provided in the worksite visit is also provided here.

Host search:If the worker is unable to return to the pre injury workplace, one of our return to work specialists will find a suitable replacement job that will enable the worker to rehabilitate in the workplace (we know that this is the best chance of the worker returning to the workforce).

Functional Capacity Evaluation
When a worker sustains an injury and wants to return to work, we sometimes don’t know what they are capable of doing. To gather this information the exercise physiologist will complete a full functional evaluation in the fitness centre to find out what jobs the worker will be able to do at work safely. This is often the safest and fastest way of pinpointing the capabilities of the worker and matching the duties that they are able to do.



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