We offer Physiotherapy services from all of our locations. Our therapists are experienced, knowledgeable and fully equipped to treat what ever is concerning you. Our experienced physiotherapists are hands on and will give you a diagnosis and expected treatment time upfront so you know what to expect. Our consultations are one on one with your clinician and run for 30 minutes. Our clinicians are experienced in manual therapy techniques, acupuncture (dry needling as we call it), exercise prescription and pain management strategies. Here we answer some of our most common asked questions..

This is my first time to physio.. Will it hurt??

Because you are already presenting to us with some type of pain or injury there will already be an element of pain. This is because the pain centers in the body are alive and letting you know there is something wrong. Our clinicians understand the discomfort you’re in and will ensure pain is kept to a minimal. There is, however, some truth in the old saying ‘.no pain.. no gain!’ You should expect some discomfort after your first treatment particularly the next day. That is part of the healing process. Don’t worry- this is only temporary and your clinician will explain the measures you can take if this occurs.

I can barely walk! Is there anything you can do?

Of course! Whether you hurt yourself last week, last month or even yesterday physiotherapy can be extremely helpful! Our gentle approach to your pain will help decrease pain levels and most importantly help you move a lot better. The earlier you see a physiotherapist the better the outcome will likely be no matter what injury you have.

Do you do acupuncture? Does this hurt?

All our physiotherapists are well trained and experienced in the musculo-skeletal acupuncture. In short, acupuncture should cause minimal discomfort. How is this possible I hear you say?? It just is! All acupuncture needles are so fine you won’t feel it at all. This techniques is very useful for muscle related issues that are very painful to even touch. It is also quite affective for painful joints and limbs which have suffered for a long time with osteoarthritis or general joint pain.

What do I need to bring to my physiotherapy session?

Its important you bring any documentation and scans you were given by your doctor or specialist. It’s also important you wear appropriate clothing to your session such as shorts or light tops so the clinician can easily attend to your injury.

Do I need a referral to see a physiotherapist?

If you have a referral you should bring that with you. Otherwise you can simply make an appointment over the phone to see us. We use Hicaps so you can claim on the spot. We see see all clients whether you are under Workers Compensation, DVA, or CTP management.

And remember, we’re here to help you lead a healthier and enjoyable lifestyle! That is what is important to us.

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