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My Aged Care Patient Services

Allied Health Consultancy Services

Managing the health of your residents often requires a multi-disciplined approach. This is the back bone of our organization! We can provide onsite resident services including Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Dietician services. Our aged care services specialize in:

  • Gentle hands-on manual therapy for residents.
  • Pain management intervention
  • Mobility and activity assessment.
  • Tailored exercise programs aimed at improving independence and quality of life.
  • Dietary assessments.
  • Falls prevention classes.
  • Group based exercise classes.

Why choose us?

You need to know that you’re receiving the best quality care for your residents when choosing an organization.  All of our team members have:

  • An expert knowledge in all aspects of their disciplines
  • 20 years combined experience with aged care services
  • A strong belief ‘why’ we do what we do!
  • The belief that all residents matter!

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