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Injury Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy treatment

My Health Team physiotherapists have the unique ability to diagnose the musculoskeletal injury and provide treatment in a timely fashion to speed up the recovery and get the worker back to work as fast and safe as possible. Early intervention for injured or ill workers improves health, social, financial, interpersonal and intrapersonal outcomes by promoting recovery and preventing long term disability and work loss 1,2,3. If required, the worker will then progress to a fitness centre based physical conditioning program prescribed by experts in exercise prescription (exercise physiologists).

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Fitness Centre Based Rehabilitation Program
When a worker has time off, progressing through the rehabilitation process, often they experience deconditioning of the muscles. This makes it difficult for the worker to return to their pre injury duties and also increases the risk of re injury/aggravation. My Health Team exercise physiologists provide a progressive fitness centre based program that will guide the worker through the return to work process and provide support to the worker, employer and customer advisor (if involved in return to work).

Adjustment to Injury Counselling
The process of adapting to a physical injury during the rehabilitation process can lead to a variety of difficulties and a number of changes in people’s lives including:

Physical – Pain; decreased strength/flexibility; increased medication use;
decreased physical activity; & postural changes.

Psychological – Unhelpful beliefs; thoughts; & worry.

Emotional – Anger& frustration.

Work – Impaired abilities & competence; changes in work role/loss of job.

Adjustment to injury counselling teaches self-management strategies for coping with these changes; increases options and alternative ways for doing things; and provides support during the rehabilitation process.



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