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Healthy Eating for the busy worker

A healthy team is a happy team and a happy team is productive.

It has been estimated that the healthiest Australian employees are three times more productive at work than their colleagues

In today’s fast paced corporate world we often don’t get time to sit and think about our own personal health strategy. This super interactive session provides take home practical applications to implement straight away. It’s amazing how simple we have made getting your team into healthy eating habits.

1 Medibank Private (2005) The Health of Australia’s Workforce,

Get active today
We all know we should exercise, however 60% of Australia’s population don’t get enough. This session is targeted at adapting the health culture in your organisation by getting engagement around being physically active. The 10,000 steps program is also initiated from here and an app is used to maintain engagement so everyone can post daily results and anything health related.

Stressed? You need to see this!
Mental health claims are the most expensive form of workers compensation claims in Australia. More and more Australian’s are pushing themselves as the economic environment becomes more competitive. This session targets causes of stress and provides take home advice on how you and the team can better manage stress and the work environment. You will walk out of this presentation feeling like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders!

  • What’s in my food (reading labels and making the right decision)
  • Quit smoking
  • Or tailor a presentation


  • Onsite Fun Boot Camp
  • One and One Personal Training
  • Fitness Tests



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